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Step into the future with our groundbreaking virtual reality courses. Designed to emulate the thrill of public speaking when in-person audiences are out of reach, our curriculum is expanding to include an immersive VR chess experience.


Alongside our existing offerings in Sales Training, ESL, and Poker, you can now learn chess in a whole new way. With our hand-tracking technology, you'll move pieces as if you were in Central Park or a library, and our time clocks for tournament practice will boost your confidence in real-world gameplay. Join us as we continue to revolutionize learning and engagement through the power of virtual reality.

Skills You'll Gain:

Virtual Public Speaking: Master the art of engaging virtual audiences and delivering impactful presentations in the absence of physical audiences.

Virtual Sales Training: Acquire skills in utilizing virtual reality for sales training, learning how to effectively communicate and persuade clients in immersive digital settings.

Virtual Reality Applications: Explore the possibilities of virtual reality beyond public speaking and sales training. Gain proficiency in leveraging virtual reality technology for various purposes, such as education, training, simulations, and interactive experiences.

If your looking for a great coach, look no more. Joshua is not just a great speaker but knows how to teach it. He has a heart and passion to help people become great speakers, no matter what level you are at.

Steve C.





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