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Acting and Voice Classes

...And much more!!


Poker has been deemed by United States courts as a game of skill, not a game of chance. Take the time now to learn the popular game Texas Hold 'Em Poker that is the fastest growing card game. Excellent for knowing how to play when invited to charity benefits, home games, and networking events.

Skills You'll Gain:

Risk management: Learn how to manage risk, make calculated bets, and balance potential rewards against potential losses.

Improve Impulse control: Learn to make rational decisions and avoid impulsive moves based on emotions or incomplete information. 

Pattern recognition: Poker involves recognizing patterns in the game and in opponents' behavior. Developing this skill can help with problem-solving and decision-making in other areas of life.

Reading body language: Poker players must learn to read their opponents' body language and facial expressions to gain insight into their intentions.

Joshua is a fantastic poker coach. I was a complete beginner and he taught me all the basics (& much more) to get me going. Joshua is really enthusiastic, engaging and full of energy. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and would definitely recommend for anyone to sign up!






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