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A man wearing a virtual reality headset

Virtual Reality

A woman standing in front of a laptop giving a presentation

Build Your Own Coaching Biz


Online coaching Face-to-Face. It's as if we're literally in the same room. Currently coaching hundreds of students all over the world, covering eight time zones on all our subjects and offerings. Many platforms available with class recording features.

Skills You'll Gain:

Virtual Coaching Excellence: Develop the skills to provide effective online coaching that simulates face-to-face interactions, creating engaging and interactive learning experiences.

Multicultural Communication: Gain proficiency in communicating and coaching students from diverse backgrounds and across different time zones, fostering effective cross-cultural communication and understanding.

Platform Utilization: Acquire skills in utilizing various online platforms for coaching, including leveraging class recording features, enabling flexible learning options and easy access to course materials.

...And much more!!

What can I say about Coach Josh! This guy is the epitome(this one of the words I learned to use more, by the way) of what you would call a great coach. I found Coach Josh after feeling like I bombed a presentation. I promised myself that I would work with the best to be better prepared for my next presentation, and that is by far Coach Josh! After helping develop my skill set, confidence, and ability to execute on a level that produced positive results, I would highly recommend Coach Josh! Thanks for all your help, Coach!

Danthony S.





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