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Let's help our teens step away from the screens and into the world of effective communication with SCi's Teen Public Speaking Programs. In an era where technology dominates, it's crucial to remember the importance of real-world interactions.

Our program is designed to equip teens with the skills to confidently pitch, present, and persuade, providing them with a strong foundation for their future endeavors. We believe it's never too early to start learning how to give impactful presentations. Our program also addresses the growing concern of excessive screen time, encouraging teens to express themselves more effectively in real-world situations.

We aim to prepare them for life, fostering personal and academic growth by enhancing their ability to share thoughts, feelings, comments, and opinions confidently, beyond the confines of text and social media.

Skills You'll Gain:

Effective Presenting: Learn to confidently pitch, present, and persuade, acquiring skills to engage an audience and deliver impactful presentations.

Offline Communication: Step away from excessive screen time and develop face-to-face communication skills, including personal connection, non-verbal cues, and active listening.

Early Presentation Mastery: Gain a competitive edge by mastering presentation techniques early on, including content structuring, visual aids utilization, and captivating an audience.

Josh is a force of nature, eager to share what he knows in an organized and most engaging way. Josh has been inspirational to our teenager, and is positively impacting how our son interprets and prepares for public speaking opportunities. Highly recommend!

DeeDee L. 





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