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It has been said, that in life, as in chess, forethought wins. Learning strategy games like chess are an extraordinary way for children to learn problem-solving skills, develop spatial abilities, improve memory and increase creativity and concentration. Chess has been an incredible part of our teams' life, and it is one of the many skills we teach to kids and adults online. Our goal is to teach with humor, stories and a practical understanding of the game strategy and how we can transcend this valuable skill to a productive life.

Skills You'll Gain:

Promote strategic thinking, and improve organization and clear communication of ideas

Enhance nonverbal communication skills such as empathy, understanding, and persuasion

Become a better problem-solver and communicator

Stage microphone

Stand Up

three silhouettes of people on a stage performing

Acting and Voice Classes

...And much more!!

Joshua is an excellent coach, and he makes learning chess fun. Outside of our lessons he sends me videos and study materials to contextualize and reinforce new concepts. He's genuinely interested in my alacrity and interest in the game. And he effectively adjusts his pace and approach to meet my current skill level. I would recommend Joshua as coach for chess, poker and or public speaking.

Jason M.





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