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Unleash your inner magician and develop your skills in the art of magic! Learn the fundamentals of magic, from basic sleight-of-hand techniques to advanced illusions. Develop your stage presence, charisma, and confidence as you master the art of deception. With a focus on both the technical and performance aspects of magic, this class is perfect for anyone looking to captivate and amaze their audience.

Skills You'll Gain:

Technical skills: Learn the fundamentals of magic, including sleight-of-hand techniques, misdirection, and illusions.

Performance skills: Develop your stage presence, charisma, and confidence as you learn to perform magic tricks in front of an audience.

Self-confidence: Build your self-confidence as you become more comfortable performing in front of others and receive positive feedback from your audience.

If not for his exceptional public speaking coaching skills, I'd work with Josh because he is a nice and genuine human being - one who is genuinely interested in helping his students become better and gain confidence in communication. His sessions are fast paced, his energy, infectious and his classes fun and challenging at the same time. if you put in the effort and face your fears, Josh will be there cheering you along - take this worthwhile journey with him and share your newfound "superpowers" to the world. Thank you Sensei Schulman!

Deepak T.





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