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Virtual Reality

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How to Give a Toast

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Build Your Own Coaching Biz

...And much more!!


Learn how to be more effective in front of the camera and in press briefings,  and as a pundit on tech, news, and sports programming. Major convention speeches and Keynote speech writing and delivery. Develop skills sets for the teleprompter, and impromptu presentations and Q&A.

Skills You'll Gain:

Masterful On-Camera Presence: Discover the art of captivating an audience through the lens. Gain the skills to exude confidence, connect with viewers, and deliver your message effectively during press briefings and on-camera appearances.

Expert Punditry in Tech, News, and Sports: Unlock your potential as a sought-after commentator in the media. Learn how to provide insightful analysis, share your expertise, and engage audiences in discussions on various topics like technology, current affairs, and sports programming.

Dynamic Speech Crafting and Delivery: Develop the ability to craft and deliver compelling speeches for high-profile events. Learn the art of impactful storytelling, utilizing teleprompters with finesse, and mastering impromptu presentations and Q&A sessions that leave a lasting impression.

Joshua is a highly skilled coach. He is very organized and has a lot of empathy and patience. He didn't rush me and took care to really listen to what I had to say. He is very knowledgeable but more importantly, he knows how to make the session about me, the client, rather than a predetermined set of ideas and exercises. He prioritizes your goals and works with you to help achieve them. I plan to continue collaborating with Joshua, highly recommended!

This experience has changed the way I understand being coached and has made me more aware of its value.

I strongly recommend anyone looking to grow in their communication skills to work with him.

Joane A.





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