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How to Give a Toast

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Media Training

...And much more!!


This is a unique communication course designed for Realtors, Mortgage Loan Officers, and Insurance agents that deal with high attrition. It is designed as a ten-week course for your salespeople at your office training room, but can be also formatted as an engaging  three-day workshop.

Skills You'll Gain:

Effective Client Communication: Enhance your ability to communicate with clients in a clear, persuasive manner, building strong relationships and fostering client loyalty.

Retention and Relationship Building: Learn techniques to address high attrition rates by cultivating trust, providing exceptional customer service, and nurturing long-lasting client relationships.

Engaging Presentation Skills: Acquire the tools to deliver captivating presentations, whether in a ten-week course or a three-day workshop format, to effectively convey your expertise and enhance your sales effectiveness.

Having been doing sales for a long time, the hardest thing to do when it comes to duplicating your success with your team. Having worked with Joshua on 1:1 public speaking, I felt his charisma as being nothing less than infectious but his mastery of words to be unparalleled. Having both of these qualities allows for you to close the deal much quicker and precise, both of which he was able to instill into our sales team with his 48-hour training series. I can honestly say that the time spent with him has yielded a ROI that will be here today and tomorrow for our organization as we continue to scale. We're looking forward to having Josh at future sale trainings with our teams.

Justin E.





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