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Acting and Voice Classes

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How to Give a Toast

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How to Get a YES Everytime


Have your wait staff increase the order tickets dramatically by learning effective up-selling techniques and better business English and communication skills. Very popular eight week course!

Skills You'll Gain:

Effective Up-selling: Learn techniques to dramatically increase order tickets by effectively upselling to customers.

Business English Communication: Improve communication skills in a professional setting, enhancing customer interactions and delivering clear messages.

Enhanced Customer Service: Develop strong communication and listening skills to provide personalized recommendations, creating a positive customer experience that encourages higher order tickets.

...And much more!!

Joshua is the best person that can help anyone with public speaking or interactions. When I came to Joshua, I was stumbling on my words to even have a conversation with a group of people. Today I feel like I can talk to anyone or speak publicly with confidence. His program is nothing less than amazing and actually helps gear the program to a person's specific needs. I could not give a higher recommendation about Josh. To anyone who has trouble with public speaking or workplace interactions, this is your man!

Peter V.





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