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Here at SCi we offer numerous affordable and effective communication courses, group programs, and private coaching. These are offered live in many cities around the United States, as well as team and private coaching online around the world. Even using new innovative technologies like Virtual Reality and soon the Metaverse! Contact us for details on how we can tailor a communication program for you, your group, or team.

Media Training

Learn how to be more effective in front of the camera and in press briefings,  and as a pundit on tech, news, and sports programming. Major convention speeches and Keynote speech writing and delivery. Develop skills sets for the teleprompter, and impromptu presentations and Q&A.

Business ESL Courses

Unique communication courses designed for foreign engineers, sales teams, and other business professionals focusing on specific language and communication challenges that have impeded promotion, and career advancement.

Sales Team Build & Train

Starting a new business development team, and confused on comp plans, best hiring practices, and how to onboard new sales reps? We can build and train your new sales team to hit the ground running and hit targets sustainably. Learn entire sales process flow tailored to your business with your own unique objections and resistance to purchase your products and services.

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How to Give a Toast!​

Giving a memorable and appreciative toast is one of life's most daunting public speaking circumstances. Whether a wedding, a birthday or a retirement party, learn how to give an outstanding toast.

How to give a Eulogy.
Bereavement is a difficult thing. Putting words together in a time of grief is a sad and disheartening task. Best to take the time when your mind is clear to learn how to give a moving eulogy and be even more reflective of those we love and care about.


POKER: All levels Beg-Adv

Poker has been deemed by United States courts as a game of skill, not a game of chance. Take the time now to learn the popular game Texas Hold 'Em Poker that is the fastest growing card game. Excellent for knowing how to play when invited to charity benefits, home games, and networking events.

How to get a YES Everytime!

This is a unique communication course designed for Realtors, Mortgage Loan Officers, and Insurance agents that deal with high attrition. It is designed as a ten-week course for your salespeople at your office training room, but can be also formatted as an engaging  three-day workshop.

Job Interviewing Workshops

The job interview is a most pressure-filled conversation. Learn how to ask the right questions, and attain the positive confidence to have an exceptional job interview leading to the position you've always dreamed of.

Virtual Reality Coming!!

Exciting new developments and modality to replicate the euphoria of public speaking when audiences are not readily available. We will also have courses in Sales Training, ESL and Poker too!

Online Private Coaching

Online coaching Face-to-Face. It's as if we're literally in the same room. Currently coaching hundreds of students all over the world, covering eight time zones on all our subjects and offerings. Many platforms available with class recording features.

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Chess (ALL AGES)

It has been said, that in life, as in chess, forethought wins. Learning strategy games like chess are an extraordinary way for children to learn problem-solving skills, develop spatial abilities, improve memory and increase creativity and concentration. Chess has been an incredible part of our teams' life, and it is one of the many skills we teach to kids and adults online. Our goal is to teach with humor, stories and a practical understanding of the game strategy and how we can transcend this valuable skill to a productive life. 

Build Your Own Coaching Biz!

8-week course learning all the steps involved in creating a profitable coaching business. Everything from starting your entity, to advertising, to content creation, to scheduling and classroom utilization, to engaging delivery and presentation skills.

TEEN Public Speaking Programs

Teens are spending an inordinate amount of time on their devices. Time for teens to step aside from their screens. No matter how advanced we get with technology, we still have to pitch, present and persuade. Best to learn when first starting out to give presentations.

Restaurant Sales/English Course

Have your wait staff increase the order tickets dramatically by learning effective up-selling techniques and better business English and communication skills. Very popular eight week course! 

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Acting and Voice Classes

Develop strong skills with the fundamentals of acting and voice sessions all the way to advanced levels for professional auditions. We work on scene study, monologue, and script work, vocal expression, diction and enunciation, expanding vocal range, strengthening projection, and develop specific regional dialects and foreign accents. Business side of an acting career are covered as well. Learn how to actually make a living while you're making a life as an actor!

...And much more!!

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