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  • Can I create my own group or class?
    Many people choose to put together their own group or class for their company or colleagues. Minimum class size is generally 25 students. Often classes are based on training room sizes with some going up to 250 people. Ask about FREE DEMO session for your team!
  • Are there different prices available?
    Pricing is determined after consultation based on how many people are in course. There are a number of affordable price ranges especially for larger groups and for online private coaching that accommodates available schedule capacity.
  • When will the Virtual Reality option be available?
    SCi is currently working with engineers and has a fantastic demo build. As the newer VR technology becomes more available and the market has more consumer and business options, many of the current public speaking courses and seminars will be accessible. Think a webinar on steroids! However, currently, a new phone app called Speeko is being offered for students that instantly analyzes their voice and the student can also access interactive digital exercises. Fantastic tech in action with learning your communication skills.
  • How long before I become a better speaker?
    Many of the SCi courses and coaching often last at least 8 weeks. It is essential the learner develop the skill sets in a process so that each ability builds on the next. Many of our students become incredibly more confident after just eight weeks.
  • How can I become an SCi coach?
    Interviews and training auditions are now being held quarterly. Contact Mr. Schulman directly. Preparations include a 25-minute training program incorporating Public Speaking coaching, Business ESL, and Sales Training skill sets to display.
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