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How to Give a Toast

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Virtual Reality

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Develop strong skills with the fundamentals of acting and voice sessions all the way to advanced levels for professional auditions. We work on scene study, monologue, and script work, vocal expression, diction and enunciation, expanding vocal range, strengthening projection, and develop specific regional dialects and foreign accents. Business side of an acting career are covered as well. Learn how to actually make a living while you're making a life as an actor!

Skills You'll Gain:

Performance skills: Learn how to analyze and interpret scripts, create believable characters, and deliver convincing performances.

Vocal skills: Develop vocal expression, diction, enunciation, projection, vocal range, and accents.

Business skills: Learn how to find work, build relationships with agents and casting directors, and manage finances as a working actor.

Joshua is an amazing coach whose energy is infectious! I have become more conscious in how I present now, the clarity in my message, how to get my story across and present it in such a way that it resonates with the audience. I am learning how people think and take information in when you are presenting. I never thought about it from that perspective because I was only concentrating on my fear of public speaking. But now I am realizing how effective public speaking can be to get your message across and when you learn how to do it well from a professional like Josh, you can have far more lasting impact.

Laxmi G.





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