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Everyone is working towards something and in this episode Ricardo Garcia of The Parlé talks to award winning speaker and trainer of ALL ages and MANY interesting skills, Joshua Schulman about defining yourself, and not letting others define your story for you. In their conversation, Ricardo reveals that the driving forces that fuels our stories is to ensure that the future inherits the lessons of our experiences.

This week on Inspired With Bell...

Hosted by Izabela Hamilton


Joshua Schulman is an accomplished and an award winning speaker and coach of all ages. His company, SCi (Schulman Communications Interactive) is a coaching company teaching many different and interesting topics, ALL in the area of communication. Whether it’s Public Speaking, Sales Training, Business and General English skills, Acting and Voice, even Chess and Poker. His online live programs are very innovative which are now even using Virtual Reality and exciting new technologies to teach these important skills sets.

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Jordan Mendoza of Blaze Your Own Trail interviews Joshua about the training company, Schulman Communications Interactive, LLC (SCi) and also how he manages a busy coaching schedule, and the amazing inspirations in his life. Catch it on any of your favorite podcast platforms or even right here!

Here's the APPLE podcast:

Global HR News Podcast.jpg

Interview Ed Cohen, Founder and Publisher of Global HR News

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Business podcast with Myles Kovacs (CEO of Dub Magazine)